Jon Bok Center Display Table

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Jon Bok California artist original "Center Table." This would make a great center display for a retail clothing or Western boot store. The tiers could display boots, and on the lower level: jeans or t-shirts. 20th c. The table revolves much like a lazy susan. There are two tiers, the top tier is set with an original ceramic tile mosaic insert of a skull and crossbones. The second tier is hand painted with skulls and the third tier is decorated dog bones. The table is covered with beer bottle caps , decorated with keys and padlocks and embellished with a corded fringe. This is the type of table you would expect to see at The House of Blues. It is an original artists rendition. Table dismantles into two sections for transport. 53 1/2" height, 47 5/8" diameter, 33" square base.