Simichrome Metal Polish

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This is amazing stuff! If you have never tried it you too will be amazed. This beats all the silver polish products on the market. Its a smooth non-abrasive cream will leave you metal smooth and brilliant. We use it so frequently in the store we finally decided to offer it on our online store. Whatever metal you have to polish this excellent German polish will do the trick. Simichrome all metal polish brings gold, silver, brass, aluminum, chrome, pewter, copper and stainless steel to a brilliant shine. It also leaves a thin protective coating to help prevent tarnishing. Simichrome is available in a convenient 1.76 oz. tube. We prefer the tube to the can as the can tends to dry out over time. The tube as long as you replace the cap will last for a good amount of polishing and hold fresh for years. Even better free shipping continental USA.