Antique Austro Hungarian Turquoise & Garnet Bracelet 800 Silver

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Antique Austro Hungarian 800 silver turquoise and garnet bracelet. The bracelet measures 6 3/4" long in a closed position and is 3/4" wide 1" diameter at the clasp. The bracelet is hallmarked with a silver dogs head the letter A for Vienna and what I think is HB for the maker. The dogs head mark was valid for 1867-1922 . It is dual marked on the tongue and the clasp. All the stones are genuine and intact. The turquoise is varying shades from Persian blue to Chinese green. All the garnets are hand single cut or flat cut similar to Georgian era.The bracelet weighs 4. 0.7 grams 800 silver. There is one repair patch to the reverse backside of the bracelet. We date the bracelet circa 1870-90.