Antique Doll House Doll Couple German

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Antique doll house couple. The pair both measure 5" tall. They both have the original bodies with porcelain legs and arms and shoulder mount plate heads. The porcelain is perfect . They are both well detailed in the face. The clothing is formal attire most likely a homemade number as was the case in the day these dolls were produced. The wife wears a black polished satin dress with banded waist and lace collar. The dress is linen lined with a back bustle. Her dress is in good supple condition with no tears or holes, she could use a little tucking at the waistband. The husband has three small moth holes in his trouser and coat. He sports a felted formal tux with wide lapels complete with button beads and a pink lace flower. We date the dolls around or prior to 1900. We think most likely German made by Simon and Halbig. The clothing is stitched down and while we can feel but not see the shoulder plate they are in perfect condition guaranteed.