Antique French Bronze Plaque "Aux Dames de La Croix Rouge"

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An antique French rectangular bronze plaque. The plaque measures 2 1/16th by 2 3/4". Featuring, on the obverse, a scene of a nurse assisting a wounded French soldier who has a walking stick in his right hand. The soldier has his eyes bandaged and his left arm in a sling. Around the two figures is the text "AUX DAMES DE LA CROIX ROUGE / VIRTUS / CARITAS". On the reverse, an angel-like figure holding an olive branch and a quill pen is hovering protectively over a slain nurse, who has a revolver lying on the ground near her head. As a backdrop at the sides there is a burning church and town scape. The designer's signature is in the bottom left corner. It bears the inscription of Nell to Hepp France 18:19. Legal antique truly a beautiful dedication.