Antique French Child's Dolls Stove c 1870

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Antique French Child's Stove. This darling stove measures over 29" tall by 17" wide and 9 1/2" deep. The stove is complete with all the original fittings and bronze trim. There are two ovens,a water reservoir and a warming drawer. The central deck iron lid lifts to reveal the burner with grate. The entire top would have been used for the pots as the table of the stove would heat evenly. The deck is 11" tall and is marked with the makers cast script on the front center. Please refer to photos. The top back plate is 19" tall. The copper pans appear to be mostly original with solid copper riveted handles. There are a few pans with brass handles that though antique and vintage may have been added later. The base of the stove is cast iron while the tall back is a metal plate. The back slides off three secure metal rods. All the pans hanging on the back are hung by the original metal pegs. The stove is intact with a solid operating foundation. The stove with solid copper pans weighs over 35 lbs un-boxed. It is obvious the stove has at one time been in operation. Can you imagine letting a child operate this with a real working fire? How much fun would that be if you were a kid. No Suzy bake ovens here! Oh we are so protective in this day and age! Someone has loved this piece and kept it in excellent condition. We date this stove legal antique to circa 1850-80's. This is a child's operating antique stove and would look fabulous with a doll of the same era.