Antique Imperial German Army Tankard Stein

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Antique German Imperial Army Porcelain commemorative stein. This is a classic stein which came from the estate of a WWII Colonel's collection. The stein measures 10" tall to pewter soldier finial and is 1.5 litre. The base is 4 1/2" in diameter 5 1/2" base to handle. The piece is beautifully hand painted. The bottom of the stein is incorporated with a lithophane romantic scene with a soldier and his fraulein. The lithophane has a spider vein crack which is tight but noticeable when held to the light. There has been a repair to the pewter lid at the hinge it is a clean decent solid job, refer to photos. We had our Master German Goldsmith translate the tankard for us. The tankard is prior to WWI. The tankard was presented to Grenadier Schwarz of the 2nd battalion under Kaiser Wilhelm. There are the names of 62 soldiers on two sides of the tankard. On the sides it is noted "In the battles we see how walls strong for Germany's faith and honor for fatherland and Kaiser." The other side translates, "High lives the brave infantry at their post late and early." The piece dates circa 1908-10. Stock number TPG-726-064.