Antique Jumeau French Legionnaire Doll 19/0

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Antique SFBJ Co. 19/0 French Legionnaire doll. Original dress porcelain head well marked open mouth with teeth showing. The doll measures 11 1/2" tall to the top of the head with hat 12" body is @2" wide. The doll has original hair and pate. The uniform is a little crude in stitching at some junctures but believed original. The doll is jointed at the shoulder and thighs. The wood composition body is intact. The flesh paint however is chipping and there is wear to the hands looks like they are chewed but just paint loss all fingers in place. I would undress to show the body but the doll appears stitched in wool felt uniform. The head is attached but a little wobbly at the neck. The porcelain is perfect in need of a slight wash but then we are talking foreign legion doll. Unusual doll at best quite appealing.