Antique Pair Aeta Tribal Carved Wooden Figures 55" Philliphines

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Up for your consideration we have an antique pair of large hand carved wooden figures from the Philippines. These are certainly interesting, while I am no expert in woods I believe them to be of solid mahogany. The carving is well executed with a beautiful polish and attention to detail. The figures came from a professors estate. The figures are heavy weighing 70 lbs each. The figures stand an impressive 55" tall with a base diameter of 19" and projection of 21". There is some old splitting on the base of both figures and a lengthy one to the back of the female from the basket to her skirt bottom. I think the splitting has done all it is going to as they appear to have color aged and are in good solid shape. Otherwise in good condition with no repairs and only earring loss to the female to note. The baskets on the back of the figures are hollowed out and could hold an arrangement to further impress. We date the figures to approximately circa 1900-20 possibly earlier as this is when the professor traveled abroad. This pair would be stunning in an entry or study just a wonderful pair of decorative figures. Truly a unique opportunity to own a piece of history long held in a private collection. Museum quality none of that touristy type carvings. My photos just do not do these pieces justice much better in person. The figures are from the Aeta tribe one of the oldest indigenous tribes in the Philippines. They are mountain people who are dark skinned, short, of small frame with black eyes. Their name is pronounced "Ita"this tribe was once one of the most wide spread ethnic group in the Phillipines now dwindling in numbers due to modern man and natural disaster since the latter half of the 20th century. Their very existence has been threatened by problems of poverty stricken lowlanders seeking food, have encroached on forest lands, displacing the Aeta. Disasters like the Pinatubo eruption destroyed and buried most of the Aetas ancestral lands. The Aeta live in the northern part of The Philippines on the island of Luzon. Historians and anthropologists debate precisely when and how they migrated here, the consensus being that they crossed from the island of Borneo between 20 and 30 thousand years ago, using a land bridge that was partially covered by water around 5,000 years ago - the remaining part of which is now the island of Palawan. Whatever the migration path was, they are without doubt among the first - if not the first - inhabitants of The Philippines. Traditionally a hunting/gathering people, the Aetas are still among the most skilled anywhere on Earth in jungle survival. -