Antique Russian Icon Most Holy Theotokos

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Antique Russian Icon Most Holy Theotokos Mother of God. The Icon is hand painted under oklad. The painting beneath may be schematic if any. The Icon dates to the turn of the century. The three hands depicted are of the Holy Virgin Mother of God. The origins of the three hands originates to the fate of Saint John of Damascus whose hand was severed by the Byzantine Emperor Leo Isaurian for Saint Johns defense of the Holy Orthodoxy and the veneration of Icons and Holy images.It was said that he prayed to the Icon of the Mother of God for help.The venerable one received a miraculous healing as the severed hand grew back together. In gratitude for the miracle which happened to him Saint John had a hand made of silver as a gift, which he attached to the Icon. He then wrote a prayer of thanksgiving to The Most Holy Theotokos. Feasts commemorating the Wonder-Working are held twice a year June 28 and July 12. The riza is hand repoused and chased and hand engraved both to the right center of the figure and the top corners in script.The Icon measures 12 1/4" tall by 9 3/4" wide. The back of the icon is covered with a modern cloth.stock item number # 20/PG. More photos to come.