Christ the Pantocrator 1880 Icon

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Antique Icon of Christ the Pantocrator. The word Pantocrator is a specifically Byzantine term which meant Almighty God Ruler of the World. Later the term began to designate God as the one who kept alive and controlled all things. The Pantocrator image usually is 1/2 length in body with His right hand in blessing, His left hand holding a book. This icon came out of a local WWII Colonels estate. It came through a respected local dealer whom purchased it from a Polish dealer in London back in the 1970's. We date the icon to the turn of the century circa 1880. The Icon is hand painted egg tempera on oak panel under oklad. The back of the icon is covered in a more modern velvet cloth. The riza is original brass The icon measures 5 3/4" wide by 7". We did not find any town marks. Stock item number cydsstock