Vintage Hubley Cowboy Toy Cap Gun Holster Set

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Vintage Hubley toy cap gun holster set. This is a real retro cowboy get up from the 1940-50's. The holster is red leather with chromed metal studs and matching marked Hubley cap guns. The guns click with the flip of a trigger and are in good clean order. The holster is missing a few studs most notably the lower right holster (2 studs missing) and the back of the belt a 4 of the bullet studs are absent. The color of the holster belt is remarkably red. This set have been well cared for most likely cherished. The guns are bright with no rust or corrosion. The belt is adjustable and measures 22" at the smallest and 25" at the largest position. The belt is magic marker printed Jim Simko on inside of the belt. He was likely the owner and didn't want to dispute this set as his, possessive ownership. The holster set is a rare find in such good condition.